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Save time, space and money!

Whether you are an avid builder, a part time tinkerer or a curious beginner, we have a membership to suit you, all for less than the cost of one drill!

Sign up online with one of the options below.


3 Months


Borrow up to

4 items


Annual Fee


Borrow up to

4 items

Includes 10% off Workshops


Annual Fee


Borrow up to

4 items

Includes 10% off Workshops


Annual Fee


Borrow up to

10 items

Includes 10% off Workshops

All memberships have a Loan Period of up to 2 weeks and 1 loan renewal

Gift a membership! 

A gift membership would allow your friends and family members to borrow thousands of items. They can start or finish their DIY projects, they could go camping or hiking, they would have everything they need to set up the next party and much more!

By gifting them access to the tool library, you are gifting them unlimited experiences! 

How it works

1) Sign up for membership

Concessions and gift memberships available, we want everyone to be able to access to our inventory.

2) Make a reservation

3) Borrow - Pick up loan

Pick up your loan on the day your reservation begins, take the items away and use them, and return at the end of your reservation period. You can make as many loans as you like while your membership is active, as long as you’re under your memberships item limit (4 or 10 tools at a time).

4) Use

All tools are loaned for 2 weeks with an optional 1 week renewal, if no-one else is in need of the item of that time

5) Return 

6) Borrow something else!

What does being a member mean?

So, what does being a member mean? Once you've signed up you can start reserving tools and things from our online inventory. You can start making reservations straight away. 

Depending on which membership you choose you can loan between 4-10 items at any given time and you can loan them for 2 weeks.

As a member you also get first access to our workshops, receive our newsletter and become a part of the Brisbane Tool Library Community full of sustainability superstars!

Membership benefits

As a member of Brisbane Tool Library Inc, you are entitled to:

What do you have at The Brisbane Tool Library?

How to make a reservation

Want to borrow something but not sure how to reserve it? No problem, it's easy as 1, 2, 3...


What's available and when?

To know if an item is available, you will see either a green, yellow or red note on the bottom left hand side, see below. 

Green - "In Stock" means it's available, simply click on the item, select the dates from the calendar you'd like to borrow it for and hit reserve. 

Yellow - "Check Availability" means check availability, it could still be on loan or waiting to be picked up, so you can check with us to see where it is and if it's available.  

Red - "Due [the date]" means that it's out on loan. The red button will include the date the item is due for return.

Regardless of whether it is green, yellow or red, you can click on the item and see what dates each item is reserved for and when it will be returned and place your reservation for the dates it's available for in the calendar.

Who are concession memberships for?

We want as many people as possible to have access to the Brisbane Tool Library so we offer a concession memberships for:

If you aren't in these categories and need a different membership option, please contact us and we can see what we can do.

Responsible stewardship of resources

The Brisbane Tool Library Inc. started at the beginning of 2017 being Queensland’s first tool library (library of things). Our tool library allows people to borrow hand and power tools, and other equipment, such as camping and sport gear. Based on a circular economy, we are building a more sustainable society, reducing consumption and waste going to landfill. Thanks to our flexible membership schemes our users can access hundreds of tools for the price of one tool, saving space and money!

Join a circular economy today!

Can I volunteer?

The Brisbane Tool Library Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that is sustained by the voluntary contribution of its members. There are many different ways you can get involved and support this change with us. You can help out on a specific project or focus on specific tasks. If you don’t see anything interesting below, just reach out to us and we can discuss any ideas you have about how you can help.

Within the possible tasks we always need staff working at the tool library: