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Dedicated to promoting a real sharing economy, the Brisbane Tool Library offers to its local community a viable alternative to mass consumption and throwaway mentality.

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How it works

To begin borrowing our items, you first need a BTL membership. Memberships are for either 3 months or 12 months and can be purchased once off or as a recurring subscription. Concession memberships are also available. Then, check out our inventory online and create a reservation cart for the dates you need. Don’t forget to submit your reservation!  

Finally, pick up your loan on the day your reservation begins, take the items away and use them, and return at the end of your reservation period. You can make as many loans as you like while your membership is active, as long as you’re under your memberships item limit (4 or 10 tools at a time).

Reservations are for 1 week, with the option to extend the reservation by 1 more week if the items are not reserved by another member. Late fees may apply for late return of items. Members must be 18 years or over. Further Terms and Conditions apply. 

Memberships also sign you up to our newsletter, give you first access to our workshops, and incorporate you into a strong, active community full of sustainability superstars!


3 Months


Borrow up to

4 items


Annual Fee


Borrow up to

4 items

Includes 10% off Workshops


Annual Fee


Borrow up to

4 items

Includes 10% off Workshops


Annual Fee


Borrow up to

10 items

Includes 10% off Workshops

All memberships have a Loan Period of up to 2 weeks and 1 loan renewal

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Responsible stewardship of resources

The Brisbane Tool Library Inc. started at the beginning of 2017 being Queensland’s first tool library (library of things). Our tool library allows people to borrow hand and power tools, and other equipment, such as camping and sport gear. Based on a circular economy, we are building a more sustainable society, reducing consumption and waste going to landfill. Thanks to our flexible membership schemes our users can access hundreds of tools for the price of one tool, saving space and money!

Join a circular economy today!

A Community-driven project

The Brisbane Tool Library Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that is sustained by the voluntary contribution of its members. There are many different ways you can get involved and support this change with us. You can help out on a specific project or focus on specific tasks. If you don’t see anything interesting below, just reach out to us and we can discuss any ideas you have about how you can help.

Within the possible tasks we always need staff working at the tool library:

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