Fun and flexible - it's super easy to join our volunteer community.

We have a diverse range of volunteer opportunities available to suit a diverse range of people.

Whether you're wanting to get involved on a specific project or focus on a specific task, we got you covered.

And who knows, it might be just what you were looking to add to your life; cool humans, exciting projects, community, sharing ideas, workshops, festivals, new skills, connection- what more could you want!

We are a non-for-profit organisation so we are all volunteers and we'd love for you to get involved and support this exciting change for us. Check out some of the volunteer roles below and if there's not one on there for you, contact us (staff@brisbanetoollibrary.org) and let us know what you're looking for and we'll work something out.

Those who like to engage with our members

Those who like more the technical side of things

Those with a knack for the creative

marketing/media production guru where you would help out with marketing, photography, & videography.

Those who like to get the word out there

We have roles in community event organising. You'd be helping us create awesome workshops and social events. A share economy thrives on good community! 

Those who like it casual

If you want to check us out and see what you think, have busy or unpredictable schedule or a complicated relationship with commitment, don't worry!  We have plenty of super chill general casual positions to suit you too.

Those who are Change Makers

We have roles for those who want to share about the exciting work we're doing and keeping us financially resourced to keep doing it! Our fundraising heroes help the funds flow and the community grow.

What skills can you bring bring to the tool library? 

To get involved you can contact us here, keep an eye out for our next Volunteer Information Session on Facebook.