The Brisbane Tool Library Inc. is a key space and activity that promotes a sharing economy. Becoming a member, you can get involved and support a change toward a socially and ecologically sustainable society. 

As a member of Brisbane Tool Library Inc, you can:

  • Borrow tools and sporting /camping/other equipment from the Brisbane Tool Library.
  • Nominate yourself or others onto BTL’s Management Committee.
  • Receive an invitation to attend the Annual General Meeting and have the right to vote
  • Receive invitations to be involved with the Brisbane Tool Library events and other meetings.

Ordinary Memberships are open to everyone aged 18 & over (with consideration to those aged 16-17 who live independent of their parents). All members must be supportive of and adherent to the Objects of the Association.

Memberships are of 12-months duration from date of approval, also the date when the membership fee is due.  BTL Inc will notify when membership renewal is due.

Privacy of members is paramount and is covered for in the Constitution.  Please contact a member of the Management Committee to review the policy.

  • - $60 / 12 Months
    Available for pensioner or concession card holders, full-time students, TPI/EDA Veteran card holders, refugees of less than 2-yrs Australian residency
    - $75 / 12 Months
    New members are to be proposed & seconded by an existing member. Where no existing member is known, the Management Committee may allow membership through special request and suitable provision of ID.
    - $200 / 12 Months
    With provision of ABN/CAN, Association Goals/Objectives & Intention for use of BTL tools/equipment.
    - $700 / 12 Months
    With provision of ABN/CAN, Business Mission Statement & intended use of BTL tools/equipment
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