About us

About us


Sabrina holds a bachelor in Biology (University of Geneva) and a Master in Environmental Economics  (University of Queensland). She redirected her interests from science to economics, convinced that to solve the interlinked social and ecological crises that we are facing, we need to change the root of our economic system.

Over the last 10 years Sabrina has been active in many small and big NGOs in several parts of the world, including Europe, Australia, Kenya, Mexico and Ecuador.

Sabrina is the youngest certified Caring Economy Advocate in Australia, (Center for Partnership Studies – USA). She keeps nourishing her life through the organisation of community events, such as the Australian New Economy Conference 2017, that aim to build a new, more sustainable, system.

In 2017 she published her first book chapter, Consumer, citizen or a new definition? The necessity to change both the term and our behaviour, on Positive Steps to a Steady State Economy. CASSE NSW (Center for the Advancement of a Steady State Economy, NSW).



Angus is a philosopher long frustrated by the continuing rise of personal materialism and media-driven aspirations of individual value. 

Despite this, he has had a long and successful business career in the area he most cares about – people.  He has worked in Executive Recruitment since the mid-‘90s, and since ’08 provided hundreds of Career Transition programs for those out of employment, and has run his own business since 2003. 

Only recently did Angus realise how many others felt a RBE &/or UBI was inevitable and this community sharing initiative has fired his enthusiasm and hope for the future; a more sustainable future for his kids, grand-kids and beyond.


Helen Beazley has worked in Government policy and in the Community sector.  She has studied education, community development, and waste management and is currently a PhD candidate researching community groups working towards a more just and sustainable world. 

Helen has experience in not for profit governance as a former Board member of a medium sized international development agency and in building the governance capacity of several small community groups.

Helen (along with her husband and two daughters) is a little obsessed with reducing her waste footprint and loves the idea that the Brisbane Tool Library will be able to do its bit to reduce consumption and waste, while also creating meaningful opportunities for people facing barriers to employment.


Zade is a passionate civil liberties advocate for all species and a dedicated environmental conservationist.

His academic background has been in writing and filmmaking, studying a Bachelor of Creative & Professional Writing at QUT, as well as an Advanced Diploma of Film and Television in both Screen and Animation and he will be going back to study a Bachelor of Science next year, where he hopes to work on projects to invent a new self-sustaining zero point energy device for a true form of alternative energy without emissions and free to both developed and third world nations.

His work has included producing and directing his own community television shows for Channel 31 and working on many local and international documentaries, on topics such as The Industrialisation of the Great Barrier Reef, Human Trafficking in East Asia, Human Rights issues within Pacific Islander communities, Animal Welfare of Dogs and Cats in the Dog and Cat Meat and Fur Trade, and recently the Environmental, Human Health and Animal Welfare concerns involved with Dairy Farming.

Zade has also had a short career in Politics, where he worked as the Local Brisbane Coordinator for the Animal Justice Party in Queensland, and ran for the Federal Senate in the 2016 Election. Zade has worked in social media and marketing and coordinator roles for many different NGO’s advocating for Human Rights, Equality, Social Justice, Animal Welfare and Environmental Conservation, however this work has led him to now pursue trying to inform and share the message about a revolutionary new economic system, as he realised many of these issues have all stemmed from a broken, morally bankrupt and unnatural system of economics that is currently governing politics and societies around the world.


Originally from Milan, Italy, Diletta moved to Australia in 2013. She’s studying Marketing and Management at the Griffith University and she joined the Brisbane Tool Library team with great enthusiasm.

Since she moved to West End, Brisbane, she feels a sense of belonging to the community that she never experience before. She therefore became more sensitive to the environmental issues and to the well-being of our society. The Brisbane Tool Library helps Diletta to be more conscious of her material consumption.

She hopes that more people in our society understand that we don’t really need to buy new things all the time. After her graduation, at the end of 2017, Diletta would look for a job that aims to help people to live in a better, sharing and sustainable society.


Carlos was born and raised in Lima, Peru, and moved to Australia in 2013 to start a bachelor of civil and environmental engineering in QUT. This degree gave him a clearer understanding of the environmental impacts our current production methods of consumption and disposal generate, and the urgency with which we should be working to mitigate them.

Carlos believes that personal lifestyle decisions can only take us to a certain point of sustainability, but systematic changes are necessary to create significant impacts. Our economic system operates under the assumption that infinite growth is possible, and this is not realistic. It is important for us to transition to a resource-based and sharing economy. Carlos believes that the bureaucracy of our political system and the desire of political parties to maintain vote numbers significantly delays changes, to the extent that they might not be able to be implemented with the required urgency.

Carlos decided to join the Brisbane Tool Library as this is a practical approach towards the creation of a sharing and restorative economy, where less production creates more value. After graduation at the end of 2017, he aims to work within the fields of sustainable housing design, energy efficiency in built infrastructure and community development through appropriate technology.


Pablo finished a Bachelor’s Degree on Film and Television Production in 2010  in Colombia and soon after moved to Brisbane, Australia to live and learn. He is a sustainability fan and a minimalist. He is very passionate about urban gardening and the protection of the environment.


Pablo is a freelance media producer and branding lover and has been working for over 7 years helping startups and social enterprises grow.


Pablo joins the Brisbane Tool Library with the aim to tackle social problems, improve communities, provide people to skills development and help the environment.

The Brisbane Tool Library is a social enterprise  and community hub that will provide resources,  such as tools and skills.

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