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The Brisbane Tool Library will allow users to share resources, goods, services, and even skills. Our “library of things” will loan out all kinds of stuff that people may want to use once in a while, but not own. It will allow people who cannot afford to own their tools, or who simply do not want to buy new ones, to use them. Some items can be loaned out while other can be used on site.

The main goal is to go beyond the material consumption of the current “take, make and dispose” system. Recycling, re-using and re-purposing is possible, a circular economy means that products no longer have a life cycle with a beginning, middle, and end. The new products’ life will be “from start to start”. We would like to build a fundamentally different way of thinking showing that some goods that people perceive as waste, can be a resource for other people or projects.

Moreover, this project will allow people to save money on products and services that might otherwise have been un- or under-used.

Some of our goals are: 

  • Provides access to specialized tools where ownership of the tool is cost prohibitive
  • Stimulate high-quality reuse
  • Reduce (over)consumption
  • Create value from a sharing economy
  • Create less environmental waste based on sharing patterns
  • Reduce the use of new resources
  • Create more jobs and social stability
  • Integrate disadvantage people in the working system
  • Provides workshops and training so users can improve their skills

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